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The kiddies bucket hat with detachable shield is the ideal PPE equipment to protect from infection droplets falling on their faces and preventing their sneeze, cough and talking droplets from spreading out. It also discourages them from touching their face and nose.

Studies on the use of face shields show that they offer a greater level of protection, close to the effect of social distancing. When combined with handwashing, distancing and other appropriate measures this face shield may assist in protecting your kids and others from the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

The screen is a high quality UV resistant 200 micron clear material which is detachable and the hat can be washed easily. We recommend wiping the screen with an alcohol wipe before and after use. The visor is fog resistant.

We manufacture these ourselves in our medical production facility to the high standards expected from a locally made product. Each hat is UVC sterilised before being packaged for your own safety.

Kids can talk easily using this PPE equipment which is a requirement in the classroom environment. Each hat also includes a place to write the child’s name so that hats don’t get mixed up.

Available in Navy perfect for schools and also other colours perfect for weekends and trips to the mall, park etc.

These are being used in schools in many countries. Made in South Africa.

Circumference of bottom opening: Approximately 56cm

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Grey, Khaki, Navy, Red, Sky


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