Mitre FA Cup Ultimax Pro 23 24 Soccer Ball

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Introducing FA Cup Ultimax Pro 2324, a pinnacle of soccer ball engineering.

This size 5 ball is meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of the FA Cup, embodying the prestige of the tournament.

The Ultimax Pro boasts a cutting-edge 23-panel construction, optimizing aerodynamics for unparalleled performance on the field. Its textured surface enhances grip and control, facilitating precise passes and powerful shots.

Built for durability, the reinforced bladder ensures longevity, making it ideal for intense matches.

With official FA Cup branding and iconic design, this soccer ball is the ultimate choice for players seeking top-tier quality and authenticity.

  • Official FA Cup Standard
  • Innovative 23-Panel Construction
  • Textured Surface for Precision Control
  • Size 5 Design
  • Reinforced Bladder for Durability
  • High-Performance Materials
  • Versatile Playability


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