Dolphin Pro Expert

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Recommended for pools up to 50 m in length.
Heavy-duty, professional cleaner for commercial public pools
Gain heavy-duty cleaning performance, with robust reliability for
long-term, cost-effective operation. Dolphin Expert Pro Gyro from Maytronics is the
proven, professional solution for commercial professional pools.
Advanced technologies ensure comprehensive scanning of the entire pool and
highly effective brushing and filtering throughout. With fully automated operation,
your staff can focus on other tasks and your pool water is left sparkling clear and
hygienic after every cleaning cycle.
Total pool cleaning
Unique gyroscopic system delivers accurate and effective scanning for systematic
cleaning along the entire pool.
Maximum hygiene
Active brushing efficiently removes algae and bacteria, enhancing water quality.
Dolphin Expert Pro Gyro
Put the power of two robots to work at once with this heavy-duty cleaner
designed for professional pools up to 50 m in length.
With dual brushing action, dual high-capacity, ultra-fine and fine filtration options,
and a sophisticated gyroscope, it expertly cleans the entire pool floor and walls
with maximal effectiveness and efficiency.


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