Quinton de Kock – Spintech Spin Mat

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Training Aid

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Whether you’re young or old, an amateur, play professionally or for a club, there is now a mat that can help you become your team’s best batsman or wicketkeeper yet.

Meet Spintechs® – batting equipment that spins the ball for you, enhancing the bounce and speed of the ball. Now, there’s no need to hire expensive equipment over and over again, and especially extremely heavy equipment that is hard and complicated to assemble.

Spintechs® spin mat slips in easily into its bag, which makes it even easier to place into your equipment bag!


1x1m mat to play on-the-go

Targets only the spin

It enhances and kicks the spin and speed of the ball

For anyone who wants to play

Enhances the motion of a spinning ball

Heavy duty rubber that is extra bouncy

Non-slip extra grip effect

Safe and easy to use

No set ups

A quality product made for wear and tear

Highly technical and unique wave design to enhance both leg spin and off spin

Individual rubber nodules to enhance the spin effect


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